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TLTJTP: Ready for the Stretch Run

The Clips Nation trio recap the trade deadline, discuss the return of the Point God, then delve into a preview of things to come for the Clippers the rest of the season.

Chris Paul has returned and so has the optimism for Clips Nation. Patrick Zajac hosts another episode of The Lob, The Jam, The Podcast, joined yet again by Shapan Debnath and Robert Flom. The pod trio share their thoughts on the Clippers' inactivity at the trade deadline and what it means moving forward, before delving into how the Clippers will finish and chase down the coveted #3 seed in the Western Conference.

Later, Patrick, Shapan, and Robert discuss different scenarios for a crucial season should the season finish not as expected, before giving a preview of a crucial week ahead. Optimism abounds for the stretch run as the team is fully healthy. Now is the time to make one final push.