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Don’t Miss: DeAndre Jordan on Lip Sync Battle!

Will his skills translate to the stage?

LA Clippers Foundation Charity Golf Classic Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Play Golf Designs Inc.

LA Clippers Center DeAndre Jordan is set to appear on the hit TV show Lip Sync Battle, competing against Modern Family star Sarah Hyland. DJ has faced stiff competition all season long, but this is undoubtedly his toughest match-up to date, in a contest that takes him away from the court and puts him on the stage.

While this is not Jordan’s first time on the show- he appeared alongside ex-Clipper Josh Smith to support Chris Paul in his battle against Snoop Dogg- it is his first time headlining. DJ is an entertaining guy with a personality bigger than he is, so I am sure he has quite the routine planned.

The episode will air this Thursday night at 7pm on Spike TV. Check out the clip below to preview his performance, and follow this link to see past performances!