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Challenge: Build a Better Clippers Bench

Have you ever felt like you could do a better job than GM Doc? Here’s your chance!

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Los Angeles Clippers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to boil down the Clippers postseason maladies down to a single explanation, but lack of depth has been about as important a factor as any, especially in the Doc Rivers era. Despite having three All-NBA-caliber players in Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan, plus another top-tier role player in J.J. Redick, they’ve struggled for years to find enough production from the rest of the rotation.

Clippers fans and bloggers alike have rightly complained about the front office for years, and it’s possible that they might have won a title or made multiple Finals with better management putting together a stronger supporting cast around an elite core. Here’s your chance to see if you could’ve been that GM.

The Scenario

After years of disappointment, Doc Rivers and Steve Ballmer decide that they need to bring in a full-time executive to put together a supporting cast worthy of a title contender.

Ballmer decides to go out-of-the-box by plucking you, the faithful reader, out of the Clips Nation comments. He’s seen you say that even you could do a better job than GM Doc, and now he wants to put that to the test. He won’t let you move any of the Core 4 (who’ve all agreed to come back for one last run at glory), but the rest of the rotation is up to you.


Here’s the catch: You’re only allowed to pick from the pool of role players who’ve come and gone through LA over the last six seasons. While each player is guaranteed to play as well as they did in their best season with the Clippers, you’ve only got $17 total to add a small forward and a five-man second unit. It’s a tall order, but Ballmer wouldn’t have picked you if he didn’t think you were capable of getting the job done.


Which six guys are you rolling with in your team of ‘all-star’ Clippers role players? Sound off in the comments.