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Dear Glen Davis: Nobody Cares

Big Baby has been active lately, seeking some time in the spotlight at the expense of the Clippers. It’s time for a reminder that nobody cares.

San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Five Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

This is a basketball blog. As such, I like to talk about basketball, and even the business side of basketball. I enjoy discussions of how the team is playing, hypothetical off-season scenarios, and trade rumors. I don’t especially care to spend my time talking about things that have nothing to do with basketball, like off-court scandals or arguments.

But it’s time to address the elephant in the room.

Glen “Big Baby” Davis—the aptly named former Clippers who drew much attention during his NBA career due to his... well, size, and baby-ness—has taken to the press recently to blast a lot of his former teammates. Now, like I said, I don’t especially care for this kind of thing, but I can recall at least a few examples in recent months of him criticizing Chris Paul’s play style and leadership, Doc Rivers’ coaching, and the Clippers team chemistry.

Today, Austin Rivers appeared on Fox Sports 1’s The Undefeated, the kind of talk show that has given Glen Davis a platform from which to be stupid on some slow news days. He used the opportunity to stand up for his teammates and blast Davis, who he played with for half of the 2014-15 season.

Now, Austin’s criticism that Davis was out of shape is certainly true, and it’s a problem that plagued him throughout his NBA career and ultimately contributed to him not earning a new contract in the summer of 2015, at only 29 years old. As for Austin’s criticism that Davis never learned the Clippers’ plays, that’s something we can’t verify as fans—only Davis himself and others from the team can weigh in on that.

What’s made this into a story, though, is that Davis decided to come back at Rivers tonight, posting a video in response. I’m sure you can find it, and analysis of it, all over the internet—just not here at Clips Nation, because I didn’t take the time out of my evening to watch it.

I don’t need to listen to a washed-up former backup rant about his old team for attention. I’ve heard enough from Glen Davis to know that he either has no clue what he’s talking about, or is intentionally saying absurd things as a plea for attention now that he’s no longer relevant. I know that he was a solid backup as a Clipper—nothing exceptional, but an NBA-caliber big man on two Clippers teams that lacked NBA-caliber big men. I also know that Austin Rivers, at 24 years old, is already a significantly better basketball player than Davis ever was, which definitely irks Davis. I also know that Austin Rivers, last summer, at 23 years old, signed a 3-year, $35 million contract—more money than Davis earned in his entire 9-year career.

Most importantly, I know that I really, really do not give a shit what Glen Davis has to say about the Clippers, or anything else for that matter. It’s kind of like the critical story that Jared Dudley keeps telling in exchange for invitations to talk shows—melodramatic, overdone, and irrelevant.

The way to beat this nonsense isn’t to debunk it or disprove Davis’ points, it’s to ignore it, because Davis isn’t sounding off because he thinks he has something worthwhile to say, but because he has a microphone and he craves the captive audience of a mediocre sports talk show viewer, disappointed in the lackluster guest being interviewed but not enough to change the channel. Glen Davis is crying for attention. Don’t give it to him.

Because even on a Wednesday night, a month after the Clippers’ elimination, a month before free agency begins, and after a week without basketball as the Cavaliers and Warriors prepare for the NBA Finals, we all have something better to do.