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TLTJTP: The 2014-15 Season and the Spurs Series

Adithya, Robert, and Shapan discuss the season that was and the most memorable series of the Chris Paul era.

The Lob, The Jam, the Podcast is back continuing their retrospective of the Chris Paul era, with a rather important season. The 2014-15 season had a lots of ups and downs, with probably the definitive up and the definitive down of Chris Paul's Clipper career. Where did things fall off the rails? This episode, like the last, is not for the weak of heart, but Adithya, Robert, and Shapan tackle it as best they can, up through that incredible Spurs series. Forget that we live in a world where the Warriors are champions for a moment and take a trip with us down memory lane, and let's see where things went wrong, and right.