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NBA Rumors: Clippers to Build Around Blake, Target a Wing in Free Agency

It would appear as though these Clippers will not go quietly into the night.

32nd Annual Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Sports Spectacular

Following the reports that the Clippers will trade Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets prior to his impending free agency, Jeff Goodman of ESPN reports that the Clippers will attempt to re-tool rather than jump-start a full rebuild. According to Goodman, they will attempt to add a star wing in free agency and attempt to re-sign Blake Griffin.

It’s unclear how the Clippers plan to add a free agent with limited cap flexibility, but they can use the expiring contracts of Jamal Crawford and Lou Williams, along with draft assets (including the first-round pick they just landed from the Rockets) to take back salary in trades. Paul Pierce also agreed to help the Clippers by extending the deadline on his contract guarantee date so that he can be traded and then released by his new team without costing them money.