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Why, Yes, Clippers Fans Already Love Patrick Beverley

It didn’t take long.

2017 NBA Awards Live On TNT - Arrivals Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for TNT

Less than 24 hours after the Houston Rockets and L.A. Clippers announced that Chris Paul would be moving to Texas in exchange for a massive package of former Rockets headlined by Patrick Beverley, Clippers fans are already enamored with their new point guard.

Sure, Beverley is no Chris Paul—and nobody is claiming that he is. But he’s a quality starting point guard on a great contract, he plays passionate defense (Paul and Beverley were the two All-Defensive First Team guards last season), and he already seems bought in and motivated to keep the Clippers great. Just check out the following tweets from L.A. Times writer Brad Turner, who is quoting Beverley:

In a time when it would be easy for the Clippers’ players and staff to be morose or defeated, Beverley is bringing energy, enthusiasm, and determination—he’s here to help the Clippers keep winning. The first step is to recruit Blake Griffin to re-sign, but he’s also stepping into a leadership role, taking initiative and bridging the gap between the new players from the Rockets and the existing roster.

Just check out some of the replies to the Clips Nation twitter account: