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Austin Rivers Refutes Report of Bad Blood with Chris Paul

Rumors started swirling after Chris Paul left that the primary cause may have been due to a rift with Coach Doc Rivers and his son Austin. Today, those murmurings were finally countered by Austin himself.

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NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Amick of USA Today, one of the most respected NBA journalists out there, just put up a story about Austin Rivers and Chris Paul. As most Clippers’ fans would expect, it completely defused the story regarding beef between Austin and Paul.

Austin called up Chris after the Michael Eaves report came out, asking whether or not there was any substance to the rumors. Paul said no, at which point the two talked for a while, discussing the situation and Paul’s move. There is apparently no bad blood between the two, and Paul’s decision, as has been apparent from the get-go, was far more about weariness with the Clippers as a whole and excitement for playing with Harden than any personal issues with players or staff.

Paul was ready for a new start, and wanted to play with a perennial MVP candidate. He has confirmed as much, and Austin Rivers has once again emerged with image unscathed from negative rumors. Let’s hope this whole story can finally be put to rest.