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BIG3: Power Rankings, Fifth Edition

The Clippers have 11 former players in Ice Cube’s BIG3, and Clips Nation is going to rank them week to week. Check out our Power Rankings for Week 5:

BIG3 - Week Five Photo by Michael Hickey/BIG3/Getty Images

1. Cuttino Mobley (Power)

Mobley sits atop our power rankings for the second straight week, and he looks poised to remain there. He led Power this week with 21 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 steal on 10 of 15 shooting from the field against Ball Hogs. Power cruised to their fourth win of the season, in a 51-34 blowout, thanks in large part to the stellar play by Mobley.

2. Stephen Jackson (Killer 3s)

Once again, Jackson led the way for Killer 3s, this time with 22 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists on 8 of 17 shooting from the field. It was yet another tough loss for Jackson and Killer 3s, though their matchup against Ghost Ballers was the only close game for all of Week 5. Despite the loss, Jackson has continued to do the heavy lifting for Killer 3s, and hopefully the possible return of Chauncey Billups back into the lineup can help them in Week 6.

3. Ricky Davis (Ghost Ballers)

Davis played a crucial role for Ghost Ballers in their win against Killer 3s this week. He posted 15 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists on 6 of 10 shooting from the field to help guide his team to their third win of the season.

4. Reggie Evans (Killer 3s)

Despite this week’s loss against Ghost Ballers, Evans provided some needed grit for Killer 3s. Evans, who averages a double-double and is the league’s leader in rebounding, posted 12 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 block on 5 of 8 shooting from the field.

5. Rasual Butler (Ball Hogs)

It was a blowout loss for Butler and Ball Hogs this week, though it’s hard to blame him for it. Power is a tough opponent for anyone, and Butler was the only player for Ball Hogs to post double-digit scoring, putting up 12 points, 2 rebounds, and 1 block. Following the matchup, Butler was traded to Power, which should help him improve his production while bolstering an already-tough team to beat.

6. Kenyon Martin (Trilogy)

Trilogy, now 5-0, continued their torrid streak in blowout fashion against Tri-State, winning 51-34. Martin has missed several games this season, and hasn’t been a major factor when he’s played, but he was able to provide solid contributions in a limited capacity. He only posted 4 points, but chipped in 3 rebounds and 3 assists to help propel Trilogy on top yet again.

7. Al Thornton (3’s Company)

Despite his 20-point outburst last week, Thornton has plummeted in our power rankings thanks to a scoreless performance against 3-Headed Monsters. In a 51-32 loss for 3’s Company, Thornton provided just 4 rebounds and 1 assist in 12 minutes of play. Hopefully, this was only a down week for Thornton, who should be expected to be more of a factor in Week 6.

8. Brian Cook (Killer 3s)

Did not play in Week 5

9. Chauncey Billups (Killer 3s)

Did not play in Week 5

10. Ruben Patterson (3’s Company)

Did not play in Week 5

11. Corey Maggette (Power)

Did not play in Week 5, out for the remainder of the season due to injury.