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NBA Free Agency: Zach Randolph Signs with Kings

The Clippers had a meeting to discuss a deal with veteran big man Zach Randolph, but he has signed in Sacramento instead.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

The Clippers had some interest in signing former All Star Zach Randolph in free agency as a steady rotation player, but had limited resources to do so (outside of an overpay with the MLE). Therefore, it isn’t all that surprising that Randolph went elsewhere, though the destination (the Sacramento Kings) is a bit shocking.

Zach ended up claiming a deal for $24 million over 2 years, far more than what the Clippers could offer. While he might have been a nice player to have off the bench, Randolph probably isn’t worth that much in the year 2017, especially on a Clippers’ team that is now stacked in big men.

With another veteran big man gone, look for the Clippers to turn their eyes on smaller fish, perhaps for a minimum level deal.