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NBA Free Agency: Clippers Interested in Willie Reed

According to’s David Aldridge, the Clippers are looking at signing Heat center Willie Reed.

Miami Heat v Orlando Magic Photo by Manuela Davies/Getty Images

With initial target Zach Randolph signing elsewhere, the Clippers are still in the hunt for a veteran big man to come off the bench. Enter Willie Reed, the 27 year old center who played in 71 games for the Miami Heat last year. Just in his second season, Reed make an impact off the bench, averaging 5.3 points and 4.7 rebounds in just 14.5 minutes per game.

Reed is your classic energy big man, a player who will come in for a handful of minutes, grab some boards, and score around the rim. He’s athletic, long, and solid defensively, making D-League Defensive First Team in 2015 and Second Team in 2014.

A bunch of teams are interested in Reed, and he’s clearly an NBA rotation player. The issue for Clippers is one of price— going by the rumors on Milos Teodosic, Tony Allen, and Derrick Rose the past couple days, they are looking to invest their MLE in a wing or point guard, not a big man. Reed won’t get that much money, but he could probably command more than the minimum on another team. While he would be a nice addition, I therefore think it’s unlikely that the Clippers nab him.