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BIG3: Power Ranking, Second Edition

The Clippers have twelve former players in Ice Cube’s BIG3, and Clips Nation is going to rank them week to week. Check out our second Power Ranking:

BIG3 - Week Two Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Last week, following Week One of BIG3 play, we put together our first Former-Clipper Power Ranking. But, with another round of games in the archives, it’s time to update the list!

Also, check out the new rules that were in place for this week’s play:

1. Stephen Jackson (Killer 3’s): Although the Killer 3’s are winless through two weeks, Jackson had put up two solid games, putting him at #1 on the Power Rankings.

2. Cuttino Mobley (Power): Cat’s 23 points this week helped his team remain undefeated, pushing up from #7 to #2 on the ranking.

3. Rasual Bulter (Ball Hogs): Bulter’s 19 points keeps him at the #3 spot on the rankings.

4. Chauncey Billups (Killer 3’s): He’s back! (Or, rather, he finally arrived.) Billups had a bit of trouble in respect to field goal percentage; however, he still was responsible for a third of his team’s points with 15. He also knocked down two four-point shots, which is, obviously, very valuable for this league.

5. Al Thornton (3’s Company): Although Thornton drops a one spot this week, he still proved to be one of the more efficient shooters in the league. He had 11 points on 50%, as well as four rebounds, but his team came up short, so he remains in the middle of the pack on the Power Ranking.

6. Ricky Davis (Ghost Ballers): Davis has the biggest fall of the week, going from #1 to #6. Some of this has to do with his 4 points on 25% shooting, and

7. Reggie Evans (Killer 3’s): Reggie Evans came back to earth this week, trading in an 18 point game for a modest 8 point showing this week. Interestingly, he only took 3 shots in total, so we might need to be watching for fatigue or injury. Also, with Billups back, Evans will have a small role this team going forward.

8. Rick Barry (Ball Hogs): They won, evening out their record, which means he must have done something right.

9. Ruben Patterson (3’s Company):

10. Brian Cook (Killer 3’s): If Evans’ role on the Killer 3’s shrunk because of Chauncey’s return, then Brian Cook is certainly on the margins now. Cook only took two shot, making neither. He came away with one lonely rebound on his box score.

11. Kenyon Martin (Trilogy): Hurt

12. Cory Maggette (Power): Hurt