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FIRST LOOK: Clippers’ New White and Blue Jerseys Designed by Nike

Finally, we get a look at the team’s new uniforms for the 2017-18 season.

The Clippers’ new blue jersey designed by Nike.
Lucas Hann,

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at the Clippers’ new Association and Icon edition jerseys, designed by Nike. Ahead of today’s official unveiling by the Clippers, I’d like to share some pictures I took yesterday, along with official images from Clippers PR.

Here’s how this works: I’m gonna write some of my thoughts on the new uniforms, and there are 24 images waiting for you in a slideshow at the bottom of the article. If you can’t wait one minute longer, feel free to skip down to the bottom and come read my notes afterward—but please don’t ask me questions without reading the notes first. I bet I’ll answer most of them.

  • The Association and Icon editions are two of the four new jerseys that the Clippers will have from Nike this season. So if your criticism is that the jerseys are basic, or simple—yes, they are. It’s entirely possible that jerseys 3 and 4 will be a little more creative (I have absolutely no idea what’s in the works), but it’s a good thing to have some basic, clean options. These jerseys are nice, simple, clean, and sharp, and that’s a good thing to have for your two base uniforms.
  • No longer will the home team always wear white. The home team will be allowed to pick their jersey color and the road team will pick a contrasting uniform. Last season, we saw the Clippers routinely pick their black alternate jerseys over their road red jerseys. This season, we can expect to see a LOT of whatever the players’ favorite uniforms are—or at least, whichever uniform they happen to be on a winning streak with.
  • My opinion on the uniforms: they’re beautiful, simple, and clean. They aren’t extravagant but, like I said above, they’re exactly what you want for your two base uniforms. I can’t wait to see what the Clippers unveil for their last two jerseys, one of which is going to be inspired by “the athlete’s mindset” and the other by “the community.” As far as these basic jerseys go, this is a definite upgrade from the team’s uniforms last season. What color will the other two be? Red? Grey? Black? Light blue? We’ll have to wait and see.
  • My least favorite part of the new uniform—the mismatched stripes on the shorts. The idea is that red is always on the left side, because symbolic nautical lighting puts red on the port (left) side of the ship. I get why they did it, in an effort to include some notable nautical symbolism in the jersey design, but in my opinion it’s the weak point of the new designs.
  • One really cool, but super minor touch is the addition of nautical flags above the label that spells “Clipper Nation” in the nautical alphabet. I would have preferred if they put “Clips Nation” but I guess we can live with Clipper Nation.