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Clippers Hire Mark Hughes as Assistant General Manager

The Clippers have made yet another addition to their front office, this time bringing in Mark Hughes, formerly the Director of Player Personnel for the Knicks.

Boston Celtics v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Clippers have been busy in the past week, completely overhauling their front office. After bringing in Michael Winger as GM and Trent Redden as Assistant GM, they have completed their trifecta by adding former Knicks’ exec Mark Hughes.

Hughes previously worked as an assistant coach for the Magic from 2002-2004, and for the Kings in the 2006-2007 season. He then worked as a scout for the Knicks for four years until taking over as Director of Player Personnel in 2011. Last season, he served as head of west coast scouting. Now, he will be an Assistant General Manager for the Clippers.

While Winger and Redden are both young, in their 30s, Hughes is a bit older at 51. Winger is a CBA expert, and Redden was described by Kevin Arnovitz here as a “well-regarded talent evaluator”. Hughes has more of a scouting/coaching background, so the Clippers are clearly trying to bring in executives with different ways of looking at basketball players and building a team.

Just like Winger and Redden, Hughes will report to President of Basketball Operations Lawrence Frank. With Hughes hired, the Clippers have the top level of their organizational chart filled out. Now we might see some new hires at the lower levels. Stay tuned.