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BIG3: Championship Game Preview

Trilogy and 3-Headed Monsters Face Off for the Finale of Ice Cube’s BIG3 League this Year.

BIG3 - Week Nine Photo by Stephen Brashear/BIG3/Getty Images

As you probably know, Las Vegas is going to be the focus of the sports world this weekend. There is, of course, a pretty big boxing match on Saturday. But, before the punches begin to be thrown, the BIG3 will crown its champion.

The final four teams are as follows:

  1. Trilogy (#1, 9-0)
  2. 3 Headed Monsters (#2, 7-2)
  3. Power (#3, 4-5)
  4. Ghost Ballers (#4, 4-5)

Game 1: Power (#3, 4-5) vs. Ghost Ballers (#4, 4-5)

Power is led by former Clipper Cuttino Mobley, who is fourth in the BIG3 in respect to scoring. Mobley is coming off of a 13 points game, along side 14 points from Deshawn Stevenson, which ended in a loss. Both were very inefficient — shooting 25% and 27% respectively. The last time Power and the Ghost Ballers played, Mobley had 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists and shot a fairly efficient (by BIG3 standards) 8 of 19 from the field — and Power was able to win 51 to 44.

The Ghost Ballers are led by another former Clipper — Ricky Davis. Averaging 14.8 points per game, Davis is ninth in BIG3 scoring. But Davis will need the help of Mike Bibby, who has proven to be one of the most consistent shooters in the league (Second in True Shooting Percentage at 64.2%) if the Ghost Ballers are going to out pace Mobley. This game will come down to guard play: The balance of power between Mobley, Davis, and Bibby will be the deciding factor in this game, it seems.

Game 2: Trilogy (#1, 9-0) vs. 3 Headed Monsters (#2, 7-2)

Trilogy, clearly the best team in the league, beat the 3 Headed Monsters in week 2 by 13 points. In that game, Al Harrington had 20 points and has been a 15 point per game scorer over the whole season as well. Trilogy is coming off of an 11 point win against the Ghost Ballers, in which Rashad McCants’ three point shooting kept them in the game after being down by nine in the second half.

The 3 Headed Monsters have been good over the season (obviously), but they have an uphill battle in this game. Rashad Lewis, second in scoring in the BIG3, will have to continue his 21-points-per-game pace if the 3 Headed Monsters want to make it to the Championship game.

The winner of each game will play for the Championship at 1:30pm PT, while the losers will played in a third place game at noon. The third place game can be found live on Fox Sports social mediums, but the Championship game will be live on Fox Sports One.