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Clippers Practice In Style

In what has been an offseason of transition for the Clippers, yet another surprise has come our way: New practice gear!

NBA: All Star Practice Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With Nike taking over the NBA’s on-court jerseys, we have seen several teams take the transition window as an opportunity to redesign, or at least update, their logos and jersey styles.

We’ve already seen two of the Clippers’ new uniforms, but we just got another surprise recently: New practice gear.

The first thing that stood out to me was the use of “LA Clippers,” rather than the full “Los Angeles.” I know the Clippers have been going with this version of the name for a while, yet it still strikes me as new whenever I see it.

Either way, I am a fan of the simple block letters with the crescent shaped “basketball” under the main logo.

Here are a few more angles:

Although it may seem silly to worry about a team’s practice uniforms, this gear is what most often ends up being the type of apparel they sell in the team store or online.