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Grade the Signing: Milos Teodosic Should be Incredibly Fun to Watch

While the Clippers may have lost Chris Paul, they were able to sign Miloš Teodosić, the best and most exciting passer outside of the NBA.

Basketball - Olympics: Day 16 Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Thomas Wood: B+

Let's repeat the refrain of the modern NBA: "You can't have too many playmakers." The Clippers have listened and stocked their Chris Paul-less cupboard with shooters and passers. Miloš Teodosić should be fine at the first and spectacular at the other. His, um, carefree approach to defense will limit his floor time and impact, but with a contract of both reasonable price and duration, the real risk to the Clippers comes from the passed opportunity to sign a veteran wing defender or another big man, perhaps one that can shoot. It's fair to question whether the Clippers needed another guard. But the Clippers passed on other needs so that Milos can pass with great style and aplomb, continuing the Lob City tradition. LA has its best "Magic" since Earvin.

Kenneth Armstrong: B+

Just as I said with the Gallinari move, I like the creativity of this move. I am also excited by the rumors that Patrick Beverly motivated or catalyzed this signing, being that the two have played together before. I don't think Teodosić will be as good of a backup as Felton, of whom I was often an apologist, but he should be serviceable enough to keep things interesting -- especially since Doc claims the Clippers will get back to moving the ball around more. I am very much in the "why not?" camp with this move, same as Gallinari.

James Nisky: A

Doc Rivers acquired a 6'5" passing specialist with a strong 3 point shot and extremely high game IQ. Like he did with the Gallo signing, Doc was able to continue making the team longer and younger. It's rare to get a consensus on anything in sports, but Milos is said to be the greatest basketball player in the world outside the NBA — and Doc Rivers signed him for less than the MLE. At the time of the signing, Milos was the best available player at his position for a price the Clippers could afford. If his game transfers favorably into the NBA, this will turn out to be a brilliant signing at a fantastic value. If he's great, he's a restricted free agent and Doc will pay to keep him. If he's not, we're not committed to him long term — but I think we're all in for a treat with Milos. There's no downside to this signing.

Max Jeffrey: B-

There was no doubt that, post-Chris Paul, the Clippers would need to find playmaking outside of Blake Griffin and their guard rotation of Patrick Beverley, Austin Rivers, and Lou Williams. Enter Teodosic, who has been a reliable and brilliant facilitator internationally. Whether or not his skills will translate at the NBA level remains to be seen, but at the mid-level exception he's relatively low risk. There is, however, a glaring deficiency in his game: his athleticism. Even at his best, he does not appear athletically-equipped to keep up with just about every other starting guard in the league, which could significantly hinder his ability to defend, create plays in transition, and score in isolation.

Erik Olsgaard: B

I'm a bit conflicted with this signing. On the one hand, he's seemingly got the court vision and passing ability of Jason Williams (you know, those impossible-looking one-handed bullet passes?), and unlike Ricky Rubio, Milos can actually shoot. On the other hand, he's never made these passes against defenses like those in the NBA, and he's never had to defend players like those in the NBA. So while I'm giving the signing a B grade, it could ultimately go down as one of the best OR worst moves of this off-season, and it probably won't take long to figure that out once the season begins.

Robert Flom: A-

Miloš Teodosić has widely been regarded as one of the best players outside the NBA for several years now. The Clippers were able to sign him at a phenomenal rate: two years for $12 million, with a player option on year two. He’s an absolute maestro with the ball in his hands, a passing wizard whose vision and playmaking are second to none. Milos can also shoot the ball from outside, which is a skill that should translate fairly well to the NBA. He’s a perfect combo guard, someone who can play either the point or off guard depending on who he is playing alongside. That versatility on offense is a great fit with the Clippers’ crop of guards-- namely Austin Rivers and Pat Beverley. There are three reasons this grade isn’t a full A. Firstly, while Milos’ skills are transcendent in Europe, other great players over there have come to the NBA and not worked out well. Second, if he does pan out, his player option would enable him to get a much bigger contract after just one season. Finally, there’s his defense. Frankly, it’s horrid. He doesn’t try hard, can’t stay in front of his man in isolation, and doesn’t have great instincts. Even if his effort level increases in the NBA, the competition is much higher too. To be quite honest, I’d be shocked if he isn’t one of the worst defenders in the NBA. However, his offensive skills should make up for a lot of that defensive leakage. I think he will be a very effective 6th man off the bench, or even a capable starter alongside Beverley. And honestly, I’m just excited to watch him play.