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Clippers, Nike Unveil “Statement” Jersey

The Clippers will once again have a black alternate.

Blake Griffin wearing the Clippers’ new black alternate “Statement” edition jersey from Nike.
@LAClippers on twitter.

At a Nike event in L.A. on Friday night, the Clippers, along with the rest of the NBA, officially unveiled their alternate “Statement” edition jerseys.

This is the third of four new jerseys coming this year, as Nike takes over the NBA’s uniform contract from Adidas and revamps each team’s jersey sets. The fourth edition is the “community” edition, and following the release of white, blue, and black jerseys, it seems logical that the Clippers’ fourth jersey should be red.

Here’s the tweet from the Clippers, showing Blake Griffin as he unveils the new black alternate:

This isn’t much of a change from the Clippers’ black alternate last season, which was similar but instead featured a full circular logo around the “LAC,” with horizontal arches between the logo and number.