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Training Camp: Ralph Lawler Hangs With New Broadcast Partner Bruce Bowen in Hawaii

Looks like the duo is getting along quite well.

LA Clippers Foundation Charity Golf Classic Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for Play Golf Designs Inc.

Last week, to much surprise, it was leaked by Brad Turner of the L.A. Times that the Clippers were replacing longtime color commentator Mike Smith with former San Antonio Spurs forward Bruce Bowen. Bowen steps in as the partner to Ralph Lawler, the Clippers’ play-by-play announcer and the most iconic figure in the history of the franchise.

I’ve heard mixed opinions from fans regarding both Smith’s dismissal and Bowen’s hiring—but I think we can all agree that now that he’s on board, we all hope that Bruce and Ralph mesh well and have a successful season. It looks like their bonding is already off to a great start, as Lawler shared a picture of the two of them hanging out in Honolulu after day 1 of the Clippers’ Hawaii-based training camp.