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SNEAK PEEK: Clippers’ New Red Jerseys

Here’s an unofficial first look at the Clippers’ new “City” jerseys.

Conrad Burry (

Conrad Burry (@ConradBurry) of provided us with a nice mockup of the LA Clippers’ new red jersey for the 2017-18 NBA season. Dubbed the “City” jersey, they don’t stray too far from the design of the white and blue, or “Association” and “Icon”, uniforms. It also appears that this is the lone jersey design to retain the two curved lines between the word mark and the player number.

It’s worth noting that these are only mockups based on obtained photos of the jerseys themselves, so the final, official images from Nike and the NBA may contain subtle differences. But Conrad Burry has been a highly reliable source on jersey and logo leaks and updates so far.

Let us know what you think Clipper Nation: