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Turner: DeAndre Jordan, Clippers Working on Contract Extension

Jordan could avoid entering free agency next summer.

Los Angeles Clippers Media Day Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

According to Brad Turner of the L.A. Times, DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers are both interested in a contract extension for the veteran center. Jordan, who was drafted by the Clippers in the 2008 NBA Draft, is the longest-tenured player on the roster. He was an NBA All-Star and All-NBA 3rd team selection last season, and was the All-NBA 1st team center two seasons ago.

DeAndre Jordan presently doesn’t have an agent after parting ways with Dan Fegan during the mismanagement of Jordan’s last free agency debacle, which saw him break a verbal agreement with the Dallas Mavericks to return to the Clippers. That negative experience may be a big factor towards Jordan’s interest in an extension that would allow him to avoid free agency next summer. It also doesn’t hurt that the Clippers just re-signed Blake Griffin, who is close with Jordan, to a new 5-year deal.

Because a potential Jordan extension would be a veteran extension, Jordan and the Clippers don’t face the same deadline as rookie extensions. A veteran extension can be signed at any point up until June 30th, the day before free agency.

In order for an extension to be finalized, Jordan would have to preemptively opt in to his contract for the 2018-19 season. Then, the extension could add three additional season (5 total years, including 2017-18 and 18-19 plus the three extension years). Jordan is set to make $22.6 million this season and his player option for next season is worth $24.1 million. His recent All-NBA selections make him eligible for the 35% supermax, but I don’t expect he’ll demand such a salary. I think that an extension in the three-year, $75 million range would likely be solid value for both sides.