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TLTJTP: New Year, New Clips

Rob and Shapan talk about the Clippers resurgence to help you start your New Year right.

The Clippers not too long ago lost Blake Griffin to what looked like an awful freak injury, and felt like they lost their playoff hopes along with him. That was at the end of November, now a little more than a month has passed and the Clippers have played .500 ball since that injury, and actually end December with a winning record. The team is 2 back in the loss column behind 6th in the West and 2 games out of 8th, 1 game back in the loss column. They have a very home friendly schedule coming up and can maybe really make a run at the playoffs. How do Rob and Shapan feel about everything going on? Happy about the push for the postseason or still on team tank? What about the injury to Austin Rivers and Danilo Gallinari? How is Griffin looking? And is Lou Williams actually the Second Coming? Happy New Year everyone, ring it in with the Lob, the Jam, the Podcast!