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TLTJTP: The Streaking Clippers

Rob and Shapan talk about the Clippers recent run back to even on their record.

The Clippers have been quite good of late, winning 10 of 13 games, and recently beating (injured) heavyweights like the Warriors and the Rockets. The team has long put away ideas of tanking and are now trying to streak for the playoffs. Is this recent run fool’s gold or are the Clippers the real deal? What does the real deal even mean? Will the Clippers finally be healthy again by the All-Star break? (sans our beloved First Team Defender) What will we do about these two-way players? Are the stats behind Milos Teodosic to be believed? Will Blake Griffin ever learn how to talk to referees? Is Lou Williams secretly Michael Jordan? So many questions, and plenty of time to dive in. Welcome back to the Lob, the Jam, the Podcast!