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Buy Clips Nation’s “No More Soft S#!t In L.A.” T-Shirt

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Do you like the Clippers?

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I have the shirt for you.

On Monday night, the Clippers beat the the Houston Rockets at STAPLES Center. The Rockets’ locker room culture was exposed when the losing team, led by former Clipper Chris Paul, attempted to storm the winning team’s locker room in the fake-tough-guy, whiny loser act of the century.

New Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley took to twitter after the game to let Chris Paul know the difference between the Clippers’ locker room when it was led by Paul, and the Clippers’ locker room now, with Beverley.

No more soft shit here.

No more soft shit in L.A.

And now, Clips Nation is bringing you the “No More Soft S#!t In L.A.” t-shirt, and it’s phenomenal.

Check it out. And buy it. Support the blog. Wear it to Clippers games. Tweet picture of it to Chris Paul and Patrick Beverley. Be a part of the new-and-improved Clippers culture.

Seriously, buy the shirt.