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Montrezl Harrell’s Shoe Game Will Blow You Away This Season

The new NBA shoe policy is going to show you a new side of Montrezl.

Los Angeles Clippers Media Day Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

If you didn’t already know, Montrezl Harrell has the best shoe game in the NBA.

The 24 year old has only been in the league for 3 years, but he’s already amassed a gigantic collection. He has a different pair of shoes for the first & second half of every game, and has dozens inside of his locker. What’s more astonishing is that he once told me that he owns somewhere around 1,000 pairs of shoes. These aren’t ordinary shoes either: we’re talking about kicks ranging from custom made Simpson shoes, to old school styles.

What may have gone unnoticed this season is the fact that the NBA has changed their shoe policy. In previous years, players were not allowed to wear shoes that did not match their team colors. All of that is out the window this year, so expect some incredible creativity from the league’s most stylish players. The one you can expect the most out of though, is Montrezl Harrell.

I spoke to Harrell after the Clippers defeated the Nuggets in hopes of getting a sneak peak at what he has planned for the 2018-19 season. Spoiler alert, he has over 200 different pairs of customized shoes that he’s planning on wearing throughout the season. He fortunately gave me a sneak peak at what 4 of those would be.

“You will see Rick & Morty, The Boondocks, Codename: Kids Next Door, and the movie Goodburger. I can’t wait to show them. I actually also have a special pair with a monitor inside of the shoe. There’s going to be a pair with a monitor inside the tongue of the shoe.”

While I’m not entirely sure what a monitor inside of a shoe will look like, I can promise you it will be stylish.

The 6-foot-8 center came off a career season last year, and is expected to only get better. He’s been a consistent spark plug for the LA Clippers, and seems to have a motor that never stops. While his NBA game develops throughout the season, you can expect to see his shoe game do the same. On and off the court, Montrezl is going to blow you away this season.