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Milos Teodosic Might Return to Europe Sooner than Later

A recent interview casts doubt on Milos staying with the Clippers the rest of this season

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Milos Teodosic has not had the season many of us may have expected over the summer. He’s only played in 8 games so far, and averaged a mere 10.3 minutes in those contests. He’s actually played quite well in those limited minutes, but his poor defense and the depth of the Clippers’ roster means he hasn’t been able to get on the court as much as he may like.

And now, in an interview with a (Serbian newspaper?) he’s revealed that he might be parting ways with the Clippers sooner than later. Translated in this article on, Teodosic says he will “return to Europe for sure”, but doesn’t know whether it will be “during this season or at the end”.

The relevant bit there, of course, is “during the season”. That hints at Milos perhaps arranging a buyout with the Clippers so he can return to Europe this season, which makes sense. If he’s unhappy (with playing time, or just being in the NBA in general), getting back to Europe ASAP is the most reasonable course of action.

On the other hand, from what I can tell, Milos is well liked in the locker room and by the Clippers in general, and while he isn’t a regular rotation player, he’s very useful to have around. I would guess that the Clippers make an attempt to retain him one way or another, and I’m still a bit skeptical that he would just up and leave. The season is also long: while Milos might be unhappy now, he might come into more playing time soon, which could cheer him up. Then again, his unhappiness seems to have more to it than just playing time: he genuinely likes Europe and their basketball better.

Milos’ departure doesn’t seem imminent. However, its possible we see him out of a Clippers’ jersey sooner than we may have thought (though he’s been floated in trades for months anyway). If so, it will have been a disappointing tenure for Milos with the Clippers, but still one which brought much joy and excitement, and some absolutely astonishing passes.