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TLTJTP: Boban Moves Into the Starting Lineup

Rob and Shap discuss the Clippers’ strange 1-2 week, and Boban Marjanovic’s entrance into the starting unit.

The Clippers played some good basketball this week, but they were mostly streaky. What leads to these Clipper lows? Robert and Shapan are back to take on the Clippers record this week, and look ahead to the upcoming week. The Clips are nearly done with their brutal start to the season, though there are still some upcoming games that will provide challenges. The Tobias Harris/Danilo Gallinari combo has continued to impress, and the team switched out their slow footed centers in the starting lineup against the Magic. Will that change last? Can Boban Marjanovic manage being a starter without losing his stamina? Do we still hate Avery Bradley? All these questions and more on the latest the Lob, the Jam, the Podcast!