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TLTJTP: Clippers Rejuvenated by Return of Lou Williams

Rob and Shap discuss Lou Williams’ impact on the Clippers and Danilo Gallinari’s awesome season

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers got Lou Williams back after a tough loss against the Blazers, and suddenly, the offense is purring like a kitten again. Unfortunately, that purring could not prevent a heartbreaking loss to a simply unfair Warriors team, who, galvanized by their crowd, held the Clippers off to the tune of a 129-127 victory in Oracle capped by a Stephen Curry game winner. Still, the Clips have looked promising, this game included. What was predicted to be a blowout schedule loss by the guys was one of the best games of the season, and the Clips and Dubs have traded a couple of nailbiters, something the team has not been able to say in their regular season matchups in quite some time. Is Lou all this team needed? Is Avery Bradley’s strong finish to tonight’s game erase all of our worries about him. (Spoilers: no.) How happy is Montrezl Harrell to see Lou Williams? How long can Tobias Harris and Danilo Gallinari cook like this? All this and your Twitter questions on the Lob, the Jam, the Podcast!