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Lou Williams and Tobias Harris to Represent Clippers During All Star Weekend

While the Clippers won’t have any actual All Stars, Tobias Harris and Lou Williams will participate in the weekend— Lou in the Skills Challenge, and Harris in the 3 point contest.

Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Clippers failed to get any of their players into the All Star Game this season. Lou Williams was edged out by Damian Lillard and Paul George, while DeAndre Jordan hasn’t put up the scoring stats to compete with Anthony Davis or Karl Anthony Towns. However, they will at least have some representation over the weekend, as it was announced today that Lou Williams would be in the Skills Challenge, while Tobias Harris will compete in the Three Point Shooting Contest.

Lou of course has some of the best handles in the league, and is a remarkably quick player, so he should have a good chance to win his challenge. Harris is shooting 40.9% from three on 5.8 attempts per game, so he is certainly worthy of participating with the other esteemed contestants. Harris does have a quick release, which is always helpful, but he will have a tough time winning against such snipers as Klay Thompson and Eric Gordon (winner last season).

The Skills Challenge and Three Point Contest are part of Saturday’s events, so Clippers’ fans can tune for Friday and Sunday if they don’t care about the games themselves. Let’s hope that Lou and Harris can get some recognition on a national stage for their strong play this season, even if they aren’t All Stars themselves.