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TLTJTP: Chase for 8th

Robert and Shapan discuss Clipper Depth, Rotations, and how far it will take them in this Playoff Chase.

The Clippers have been playing fairly well in their games after trading their superstar Blake Griffin, take away a fairly lifeless game against the 76ers. Is this a bonafide playoff team? How will they do going forward in the West, especially now that the Utah Jazz have thrusted themselves into the playoff picture? How exciting are these new look Clippers? Where is DeAndre Jordan’s head at after all the rumors swirling him going into the break? How long can Danilo Gallinari keep up his play of late? Which guards should be starting? The Clippers are still an intriguing bunch, and Rob and Shapan are back to discuss them on the latest the Lob, the Jam, the Podcast!