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TLTJTP: Clutch Clippers?

Rob and Shapan talk about the new feel arounds these Clippers, even as a brutal stretch looms.

The Clippers came back against a pretty crappy Nets team. But a scrappy crappy Nets game. And it still feels like the sort of game the Clippers of old would have let go. Why is that? Why has this team won so many games down the stretch after their horrid losing streak? What makes these Clippers different? Whatever it is, after a team with so many expectations that went by the wayside, this Clipper team led by Lou Williams, Austin Rivers, DeAndre Jordan, and Tobias Harris has been great at defying low expectations all season long. Rob and Shapan soak it in before looking forward at a pretty daunting stretch, where the Clippers could possibly prove us wrong again. It’s the Lob, the Jam, the Podcast!