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TLTJTP: Clipper Year Recap and Playoff Preview

Rob and Shapan talk about the season that was, and chat a little bit about the upcoming playoffs.

In the name of Rasheed Wallace, the Clippers played hard, my man. The Clippers sputtered to end the season as they finally ran out of gas, but there were positives even in the losses that ended the season. The season, in general, may have been a decent combination of competitive basketball and building for the future. Doc Rivers had a lot of redemption this season. Lou Williams, Austin Rivers, DeAndre Jordan, Tobias Harris all had great years. But now, the Clippers are back in the lottery, watching playoff games instead of being in them. And how about those playoffs? A lot to chop up, and the Rob and Shapan are here to talk about it on the Lob, the Jam, the Podcast!