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The Ballmers and LA Clippers Donate Money to Renovate Basketball Courts in Los Angeles

The Clippers announced today that Steve Ballmer and his wife Connie are donating a sizable chunk of money to the LA Parks and Recreation Department to renovate nearly 350 public basketball courts.

WE Day California - Inside Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

If you’ve ever played a lot of pickup basketball in Los Angeles, you’d know that many of the public basketball courts are a complete mess. Enter Steve Ballmer: he and his wife Connie, in association with the Clippers Foundation, are donating $10 million to the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department, for the purpose of renovating 344 public basketball courts by 2020.

There are many inequalities in Los Angeles, and one of them happens to be access and quality of public sports facilities. Some areas have much, much nicer parks and equipment than others, and that’s not right or fair. With this massive renovation project, the Ballmers and the city of Los Angeles hope to redress some of those imbalances. This is a big step forward for LA, and will hopefully lead to hundreds and thousands of children using public basketball courts and parks that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Examples of the repairs include: updating the courts (whether asphalt, wood, or concrete), adding new backboards, and changing the worn out nets and rims. The renovations will cover 108 indoor courts as well as 236 outdoor courts, and should be completed in under three years.

Props to Steve Ballmer, Connie Ballmer, and the Clippers Foundation for making this donation, and working for a good cause.