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Austin Rivers to Opt-In to Contract

Per multiple sources on Twitter, Austin Rivers is opting into his player option

Los Angeles Clippers v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Austin Rivers has told multiple media members that he will opt into his $12.6 million dollar deal for next season to stay with the Clippers. This makes sense: while Austin is a good player, and useful in the modern NBA, the tight market this summer means he probably wouldn’t have seen a value that high as a free agent. He’s been in LA for years now, and is comfortable here, just making the decision easier.

However, Austin’s opting in does make him trade-eligible. His salary is medium-sized, perfect for trading, and while it’s a bit overpriced, he’s still an asset on that deal. In any trade for a superstar, Austin’s contract would go a long ways towards making up that new max contract.

Still, any such trade remains unlikely, so it looks like Austin will be a Clipper for another year. This would be the 25 year-old’s 4th full season with the team, making him the second-longest tenured Clipper behind stalwart DeAndre Jordan (who might leave this summer). Welcome back Austin!