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Jerome Robinson Q&A With BC Interruption

Clippers’ fans get insight on the recently drafted 13th pick Jerome Robinson from someone who diligently watched him play for three years in college.

Boston College v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Here are some insights from Katie Bent, a staff writer at BC Interruption (the Boston College blog on SB Nation), on the Clippers’ new prospect Jerome Robinson. Katie graciously agreed to answer a few questions I had for her, and I’m sure we will be hearing more from her (and other BC fans/writers) during Robinson’s tenure on the Clippers.

1. What’s Jerome Robinson’s best skill as a player?

He can really do it all scoring-wise. Threes are his specialty, but he can hit step backs in the key just as reliably, and he also drives to the basket really well. I’m sure Clippers fans have been googling Jerome highlights. Let me share this slam from the ACC Tournament that always puts a smile on my face: (Editor’s Note: This dunk put a smile on my face, too).

2. What’s his biggest weakness? What’s the one skill/ability he needs to work on the most to be a good NBA player?

Perimeter defense was a big weakness for the BC team this year, as a quick glance at our game recaps and comments sections will show, and Robinson was a part of that. I think it might be less of a true weakness than people are saying though. JRob was in a situation where he had no real backup and payed virtually every minute of every game. He also was so important to the offense that he was basically instructed to make sure he didn’t foul, since his fouling out would have been catastrophic to the game-plan. The size, intelligence, and work ethic are all there for him; I would be surprised if he didn’t turn into a decent NBA defender.

3. Was his jump in production/shooting percentages from sophomore to junior years the result of a change in play or a development in skills, or did more shots just fall for him? If he did things differently, how did he do so?

He did do some work over the 2017 summer with some NBA players and may have tweaked his shot a little bit, but I think the biggest difference for him was that he had a much better team around him. Quite frankly, he was the only scorer on really bad teams before this season (especially his freshman year) and ACC teams would clobber him on defense. BC added another really good player in Ky Bowman and some other solid starters who developed into a decent team this year, and that freed Jerome up from the double team enough to get some open shots.

4. What’s one thing about Jerome that NBA or casual fans might not know that we should know?

He was a relatively unknown player in high school who went unnoticed by the powerhouse programs in his home state of North Carolina, and played himself into runner-up for ACC Player of the Year. He has a chip on his shoulder and a strong work ethic that will push him forward as he develops at the NBA level.

5. He seems to be a smart, thoughtful guy. Do you have any more insights to his personality or attitude? What can we expect from him off the court and as a teammate?

We really love Jerome Robinson at BC, partly because of his achievements on the court, but partly too because of the way he represents the university off the court. He’s a great character guy, very humble and hardworking. He has improved himself from a little known high school recruit to a draft lottery guy in three years through his own work ethic and determination. For someone who is the undeniable star of the program, he is always building up his teammates and getting them involved. The fans in LA should expect someone who is mature and tough to rattle. He won’t be distracted by the bright lights or cause any off-court drama, and he will have ice water in his veins if the buzzer beater three lands in his hands.

As sad as we are to lose him, the Clippers are gaining a great player and guy. I know the team has kind of a glut of guards right now, but I hope he gets a shot at some good playing time. I’m already scoping out Robinson Clippers jerseys, and I know the fans out there will be too once they get a good look at him.

Again, I’d like to thank Katie for her responses, and I’d urge you to check out BC Interruption in more depth. What do you all think about Jerome Robinson?