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Paul George Mentions Clippers as Potential Destination on Free Agency Special

The Clippers were quickly named as a potential landing spot for Paul George during part 2 of his series on his free agency.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Paul George is in the middle of a three-part special on ESPN detailing his free agency process this summer. In part two, which aired today, George quickly mentioned the Clippers (along with the Celtics) as a possible destination for him this summer.

The overwhelming favorites to land George are still either the Oklahoma City Thunder (the team he was on last season) or the cross-town Los Angeles Lakers, who have been connected to him for years. However, it is encouraging to note that George is at least considering the Clippers as an option. While being an also-ran isn’t ideal, being in the conversation is still a lot better than sitting out in the cold entirely, and this is a sign that the Clippers, even without a superstar (and potentially an All-Star if DeAndre Jordan leaves), remain relevant to top free agents.

George is a five-time All Star, a four-time All-NBA Player, and has made the All-Defense Team three times for good measure. Just 28, George is one of the biggest free agents this summer, and is a powerful enough presence to reshape a franchise if he chooses them in free agency. The Clippers are willing to play the long game and rebuild, but would love to obtain a superstar, and while George might not quite be on that level, he’s pretty close. Teams technically can’t make overtures to free agents until July 1, but stuff happens behind closed doors all the time, and it would be a surprise if the Clippers and George hadn’t had any contact in recent weeks. It’s no secret that PG grew up a Clippers’ fan, and it would make the Clippers’ summer if he chose them as the belle of the ball in a few days.

Stay tuned for further news on George and the rest of free agency as that July 1 date approaches.