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Clippers are Holding an Intriguing Group Workout Today

The Clippers have six draft prospects over to workout privately for them today

USC v Baylor Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Clippers are holding a large-ish workout of prospects today at their media facility. The prospects are a varied group in terms of on-court position and their range in the draft, as the Clippers are clearly looking at both potential 1st round picks as well as summer league/undrafted free agency players.

The six prospects are:

De’Anthony Melton, PG from USC

Zhaire Smith, SG from Texas Tech

Troy Brown, SF from Oregon

Brandon Sampson, SG from LSU

Angel Delgado, C from Seton Hall

Drew Eubanks, PF from Oregon State

Zhaire is certainly a candidate to be drafted with the 12th or 13th picks in the draft, as are Brown and Melton, though that is a bit higher than they have been projected in most mock drafts. Sampson, Delgado, and Eubanks haven’t been mentioned in draft discussions much, so I’m guessing they are probably Summer League guys, or maybe fliers in the 2nd round if the Clippers buy a pick there.