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TLTJTP: Clipper Player Decisions

Lucas, Robert, and Shapan tackle the Clippers future with respect to players that have imminent decisions to be made this summer.

It’s June as and per usual, the Clippers are not playing. They find themselves in a bit of an unfamiliar place relative to their recent history, looking at the draft with a couple of late lottery options. This offseason will be huge for the Clips, with a handful of options going forward. The team can stay the course, blow it up, or try and pursue a superstar this offseason. Decisions need to be made about players quite a few players including DeAndre Jordan and Austin rivers. Based on how things have been run during the Jerry West era, they might stay as pragmatic as possible. Also, how about that LeBron James? Shapan is back on TLTJTP and he’s joined by Robert and Lucas!