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NBA Free Agency: Clippers to Meet with Anthony Tolliver

Add veteran forward Anthony Tolliver to the list of potential new Clippers

Toronto Raptors v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Clippers have shown interest in handful of players so far in free agency, but haven’t signed anyone. Per Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports, however, they are apparently very interested in Pistons’ free agent forward Anthony Tolliver, as they are flying out to his home in Dallas to talk to him.

Tolliver is 33 years old, and has played on 9 teams in his 10 NBA seasons. He’s widely acknowledged as one of the best teammates and people in the NBA today, beloved by coaches, media members, fans, and fellow players. A stretch forward, Tolliver, is a big man who can both shoot the ball from distance and play defense, making him a valuable bench player. He shot 43.6% from deep on 4.6 attempts for the Pistons last year, and is a 37.6% shooter from long-range for the duration of his NBA career.

For most of his career Tolliver has been a minimum-salaried player, or slightly above, but his fantastic 2017-2018 season and his fit with the direction the NBA is going might put him at slightly higher demand. Still, the Biannual Exception (BAE) at $3,386,000 might be enough for him, especially if the Clippers give him both years. He would be a great fit next to Montrezl Harrell as a floor spacer and defensive presence, and is the exact type of personality who the Clippers have been targeting.