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TLTJTP: Summer League, Offseason Pickups, and DJ

Rob and Shap catch us up on offseason moves, DJ’s depature, and the fun Vegas Summer League.

July and Vegas The Clippers are featured this Summer League with a couple of lottery picks, and so far, things are looking promising. While Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has been phenomenal, a gimpy Jerome Robinson has also shown flashes of his microwave-type potential. Sindarius Thornwell has also shown improvement in his game, particularly his jumper. Does anyone else standout from this roster? How do the promising Clipper kids figure into next year’s rotation? The crew also recaps some offseason moves, and take a moment to look back on DeAndre Jordan and his career with the Clippers. Rob and Shapan are back on the latest episode of the Lob, the Jam, the Podcast!