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TLTJTP: Trez is Back, but Kawhi is Gone

Rob and Shap chat about some of the latest Clippers moves, including the return of an energizer off the bench and how Kawhi didn’t come back to LA.

Disclaimer: Rob was having some technical difficulties, leading to his side of the pod sounding more muffled than usual. Apologies for that, should have it fixed next time.

The Clippers have had a fairly predictable summer so far, in a summer that did have some potential for explosive moves. They are mostly bringing the band back together for next year, with the exception of signficiantly downgrading at center but adding some more depth in its stead. A huge lingering question was at least answered temporarily with Kawhi Leonard being dealt to the Raptors. Tobias Harris also just recently and predictably turned down a Clipper extension as the two sides continue to have discussions. How do Rob and Shap feel about the roster? Are there more moves lingering? Where will Kawhi Leonard be this time next year? All those and of course your twitter questions on this episode of the Lob, the Jam, the Podcast!