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Milos Teodosic and Boban Marjanovic Won’t Play for Serbia This Summer

Two more of the Clippers’ international players are out for FIBA play this summer.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Minnesota Timberwolves Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

A Serbian news site, Novisti, has reported that Clippers’ players Milos Teodosic and Boban Marjanovic won’t be playing for Serbia this summer in World Cup qualifying games.

This comes shortly after the news that Clippers’ starting forward, Danilo Gallinari, would not be playing for Italy during FIBA play either.

Apparently, Serbia’s coach had a talk with Lawrence Frank, who let him know that Milos and Boban would not be participating, per the advice of the Clippers’ athletic training and medical team. The coach appeared appreciative of the Clippers’ worries regarding Milos, who is notoriously injury-prone and missed a bunch of games for the Clippers last year, but less so about their keeping Boban out.

Milos not playing, similarly to Gallo, is an obvious ploy to keep him healthy going into training camp and the regular season. Even though the Clippers have a stacked guard rotation this year, Milos will likely be in the rotation, as he’s the best passer and one of the strongest shooters on the team. The Clippers can replace him, but will be better with him playing. Boban is a different story. I like that the Clippers are keeping all their guys close to home and under their eye, but as the 3rd string center, the need for keeping Boban healthy just isn’t as great. Still, if Boban had strong objections to being kept away from international play, he probably would be playing. So it’s probably fine with him anyway.

Per the article, both players are, however, still in Serbia’s pool for the actual world championships next summer. While the Clippers seemed to have an easy-ish time of keeping their players home for qualifying play, it might be a different story next summer (if any of these guys are still on the Clippers, that is).

Boban is already working out with other Clippers players in LA, and it’s good to see a bond forming between all the guys. Hopefully everyone is healthy and ready for the NBA season.