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Montrezl Harrell is Destroying Rims in the Drew League

Trez is balling out in the annual Los Angeles Pro-Am tournament.

Los Angeles Clippers v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Clippers re-signed Montrezl Harrell to a 2 year, $12 million deal a couple weeks ago, but that smallish contract belies the importance he will have to the Clippers next season. Trez will probably play at least 25 minutes per game, and is likely to close games quite frequently over the older Marcin Gortat.

It’s therefore a nice sign for Harrell’s upcoming season that he’s been playing in the Drew League, a famous annual Pro-Am competition in Los Angeles, and is absolutely wrecking the rims. Look, the Drew League does not feature stingy defense by any means, but it’s great to see Montrezl being his usual active, powerful, and energetic self on the court. He appears to be in great shape, and is still dunking everything in sight.

August is a quiet time for the NBA, so it’s good to see a Clipper playing basketball, even if it’s not in a Clippers’ uniform. Keep an eye out for more highlights of Trez at the Drew League this weekend when play resumes.