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TLTJTP: The Austin Rivers Clipper Memorial

Adithya, Robert, and Shapan talk about Austin Rivers and his career as a Clipper. Plus, they briefly talk about what to expect from Danilo Gallinari and the departure of Sam Dekker.

August is a slow month in the NBA, but Clipper basketball continues on. In this episode we talk about Austin Rivers and how the brash kid grew up before our very eyes to become the brash man. Austin Rivers forced his way into our hearts, but it was not always that way. We also chat about a healthy Danilo Gallinari, his MVP performance in the Team World vs. Team Africa game, and what it might mean going forward. We also say farewell to Sam Dekker as he was traded for cash in order to become the new LeBron James in Cleveland. All that and your questions as always, on the latest episode of the Lob, the Jam, the Podcast!