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Same Old Clippers: Podcast Debut

Robert Flom and Louis Keene debut their new podcast, Same Old Clippers, a lighthearted lark about the Clippers, basketball aesthetics, and the NBA at large. The debut episode touches on the first three Clippers’ games, the ugliness of the Lakers thus far, and the extremely cool Toronto Raptors.

Golden State Warriors v LA Clippers - Game Three Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

The third (and for now, final) show of the expanded Clips Nation podcast network is here! Same Old Clippers will air on a semi-regular basis and will touch on more than just the Clippers and their various ups and downs. Shit-talking will be rampant, player and coach handsomeness rankings and what that means for success will be expounded upon, and fun will be had. Check out the first episode, which gives props to the Clippers (despite their loss to the Suns) and casts some shade at the Lakers, Jazz, and Kings for their poor starts to the season. Come for the Clippers talk, stay for the casual disrespect towards almost everyone else.

Check out the new pod here!