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Clippers Top Tweets – Week One

Los Angeles’ favorite franchise slides into the Season 2-1

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Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Hello old and new members of Clipper Nation! This is the first in a season-long weekly series paying homage to Clippers Twitter. At the end of each week we will be highlighting some of the best tweets of the week regarding your Los Angeles Clippers, including fan tweets!

Before we get to this week’s tweets, please give the Clippers’ players and your Clips Nation writers a follow. This is one season where you absolutely do not want to miss out on the action (and by action, I mostly mean the highly entertaining social media smack-talking).


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Now (drumroll please...) your top tweets of the week!

Pat Pat is Feeling Some Kinda Way About LA

New Clipper Patrick Patterson tugged on all the heartstrings when he tweeted this quote the day after his stellar performance against the Golden State Warriors. Pat Pat connected for a career-high six threes in the Clippers’ rout of their Northern California rivals, and finished the game with a solid 20 points on 7-of-13 shooting. Evidently, Patterson is feeling at home with his new squad here in Los Angeles. We share the love.

Patrick Beverley – Forever a Fan Favorite

In the closing seconds of the Clippers’ opening night home win against the Lakers a jubilant Patrick Beverely flung the game ball into the crowd at Staples Center and into the hands of 19-year ticket holder Jared Green of Encino. A reasonable post-game expression for the team’s tone-setter and top rebounder (he snatched 10). The next day, however, Beverley was assessed a hefty $25k fine by the NBA for the action. After hearing about the penalty, Green’s wife Jillian took the time to send Beverely a message thanking him and expressing dismay that the gritty point guard “got in trouble.” Beverely shared the message in a true-to-brand post.

The tweet, and attitude, is unsurprising. Beverely has long been a fans’ player. On March 4, 2019, Beverley expressed his appreciation for ClipperNation, telling members of the media:

“That’s who we do it for: the people in the back. ... The blue-collar people who don’t have a lot given to them. Who work for everything they deserve. And that’s what we’re doing right now. We do it for them.”

This season, the scrappy defender teamed with franchise sponsor Honey to set up “Honey’s Steal of a Deal” ticket campaign, a rare initiative that will give fans an opportunity to purchase $10 tickets for all 41 of the Clippers’ home games this regular season.

Reggie Miller and his UCLA Education

NBA Twitter was more than happy to roast polarizing TNT game analyst Reggie Miller after this mind-dulling exchange with play-by-play announcer Kevin Harlan regarding Clipper favorite Patrick Beverley during Tuesday’s Clippers-Lakers battle.

Kevin Harlan: Patrick Beverley grew up in suburban Chicago. He led the state in scoring when he was a senior in high school.

Reggie Miller: He led the state of Chicago in scoring?!

Harlan: State of Illinois

Miller: Oh okay, I was gonna say...

Did Reggie really think Chicago was a state? UCLA, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do!

For the record, it is indeed true that Mr. 94 Feet led the State of Illinois in scoring his senior year in high school. After the game @NBCBulls posted a tweet with footage of Pat Bev in one of his high school games.

Just as expected ... the Clippers’ top dog had absolutely no chill even back then.

Game Recognizes Game

Many retired NBA players weighed in on how impressive the Clippers were in their first two games, including Dwyane Wade.

DWade’s tweet, posted during the middle of the Clippers’ 46-point third quarter was particularly on point. The Clippers have never pretended to be something they are not. They are exactly as advertised: no bullshit ballers who are going to hustle, boost each other up, and play without ego 100% of every game. #SquadOverSelf is one of their newly minted catch-phrases and it could not be more accurate. Statistics from the first two games illustrate the point nicely. The Clippers have seven guys averaging in double figures and nine guys averaging 14 or more minutes per game. They are selfless, deep and committed to winning. #LAOurWay

Welcome to the Chase Center

The Clippers’ week one beat down of the Warriors was satisfying for a number of reasons, but particularly because it was the first game played by the former champions in their new home arena. #SorryNotSorry fellas. A number of fans and social media personalities were happy to point out that the loss was the second “home” loss in a row for the Warriors - the first to end their 2017-18 season and residency at Oracle Arena and the second to christen their new home at Chase Center. Ironically, or not, both losses came at the hands of Kawhi Leonard-led squads.

We Can’t Hear You Dub Nation....

It is beyond dispute that Oracle Arena was one of the loudest, most boisterous and intimidating venues for NBA teams on the road over the last 5+ seasons. I, like many, assumed fans would similarly strike fear into the hearts of opponents at Chase Center. Surprisingly, they didn’t. Not only was Dub Nation noticeably quieter at Chase than Oracle, by mid-third quarter many game attendees had already started trickling out to the streets. Have they really abandoned their team already? Has our Fun Guy broken their franchise?

Perhaps the crowd was just humbled by the fact that the Clippers led the game wire to wire. Or maybe Oakland > San Francisco? (This is really just a rhetorical question - of course Oakland > San Francisco.) Either way, the uncharacteristic hush the Clippers brought to one of the most annoying fan bases in the nation (and Canada!) just added to the thrill of LA’s victory.

Ralph is (Still) Ridiculously Humble

This week marked the first regular season week without Ralph Lawler in 40 seasons. It has been an adjustment, but Clipper fans have been left in the capable hands of new announcing duo Brian Sieman and Chauncey Billups. Ralph has remained a strong supporter of the franchise in his retirement, tweeting about games from his home base in Oregon, and happily interacting with fans.

During Saturday’s match-up with the Phoenix Suns, Ralph was asked by Clipper fan @PJSeg52 whether anyone has approached him about the possibility of a Ralph statute at the Clippers new stadium. Ralph’s response was characteristically humble.

We’ll never forget you Ralph, and a statute is a GREAT idea. #Bingo

The Best Reaction is an OVER-Reaction

This season has been remarkable for its week one hype. As a predicted Western Conference front-runner, the Clippers were unsurprisingly frequent fodder for NBA Twitter. The franchise started the season with two big statement wins against fellow California adversaries, then fell flat against an undermanned (and underrated) Phoenix Suns team. The couch-dwelling masses responded accordingly, with opinions ranging from “Clippers are a lock for the championship” to “Clippers are over-rated trash.” Truth is, Clippers are neither.

Folks, it’s week one. Relax. Have a cocktail. Take a breath.

Yes, the Clippers losing to the Suns was a reality check and fans should be concerned about the team playing down to their competition. However, like all teams at this point in the season, the Clippers are still figuring things out. No need to hit the panic button, run for the exit door or jump off the bandwagon. On to the next....

If you would like to be included in a future segment of Top Tweets, or see a tweet you think deserves to be highlighted tag me (@michelleuzeta) or use the hashtag #ClippersTopTweets.

See you online!