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Clippers Top Tweets – Week Five

Phew! What a week of winning!

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Hello Clipper Nation! Your Los Angeles Clippers went 3-0 in a heart attack inducing run of close games this week. The winning started with a 90-88 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder and former Clipper favorites Chris Paul, Danilo Gallinari and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. On Wednesday, the Clippers defeated the Boston Celtics 107-104 in a thrilling overtime battle. Friday another win, as the Clippers defeated the Houston Rockets with a spectacular closeout effort.

Here are the week’s highlights through the eyes of Twitter....

Welcome Back Shai and Danilo!

Monday’s match-up with Oklahoma City marked the return of fan favorites Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Danilo Gallinari, the pair’s first visit to Staples Center since being traded to the Thunder as part of the Paul George deal this summer.

The duo was met with arena-wide cheers and a sweet tribute video.

Paul George’s First Game-Winner

In addition to marking the return of Gallo and Shai, Monday’s match-up pitted Paul George against his former team for the first time since his departure.

George’s performance was a drop off offensively from his first two appearance this season, due primarily to the defensive effort of Terrance Ferguson. Young Trece was held to just 18 points in 29 minutes and committed seven turnovers. Despite the relatively mediocre performance, George proved the be the hero of the game, hitting a dagger from three-point range with 25 seconds left in regulation.

The shot ended up being the game winner, as Oklahoma City was unable to convert on the following possession after misses by both Gilgeous-Alexander and Gallinari. The irony of how the game played out in the final minute was not lost on Clipper fans.

PG13 and the Klaw make their Dynamic Duo Debut

Fans were hoping to see PG-13 and Kawhi Leonard on the floor together for the first time in Monday’s game against the Thunder, but had to wait patiently for Wednesday’s contest against the Boston Celtics to see the dynamic duo. Predictably, Kawhi sitting out against Oklahoma City solicited more “load management” criticisms ... and jokes. Too bad The Onion couldn’t find a background photo with guys actually still on the roster, but I digress....

As exciting as it was to see the Clippers’ two stars on the hardwood together, the OT game against the Celtics was unusually sloppy. Los Angeles turned the ball over 23 times, with Leonard and George combining for 10 of those errors. Not to take credit away from Boston, who were particularly effective in trap defense, but the Clippers’ lack of chemistry was on full display. Silver lining, they are still winning while growing as a team.

George was second best for the Clippers on the night with 25 points (Lou Williams had 27), including this bucket.

George also had eight assists, five boards and this nasty, GTFOH block.

Leonard, a tad bit rusty after a three-game absence, finished with 17 points on 7-for-20 shooting, including a poster-worthy, “somebody call 911” flush over Daniel Theis.

The dunk was so savage fans were predicting the Klaw may need a few days off to recover.

Leonard also contributed six rebounds in the outing and was responsible for a game-sealing block on Kemba Walker’s three-point attempt at the buzzer. Fun Guy Kawhi reacted in typical fashion. That is, with no reaction at all. #AllBusiness #Terminator

Patrick Beverley Owns the Celtics

Although the George-Leonard debut was the main storyline going into Wednesday’s contest against Boston, it was not the main storyline coming out. The pairing of the NBA elites was overshadowed by the play of everyone’s favorite irritant, Patrick Beverley. Beverley had an unreal stat line in 41 minutes of play:

  • 14 points (including four three-pointers in the final frame and overtime);
  • 16 rebounds, a game high (reminder, he is 6’1);
  • 7 assists;
  • 3 steals;
  • 2 blocks.

Mr. 94 Feet quite literally single-handedly hustled the Clippers to victory.

NBA fans took note, and Celtics fans were frustrated.

The game also highlighted a budding rivalry between Marcus Smart and Beverley.

Post game, Beverley was asked by reporters what it was like playing against Smart, a guy “that matches [Beverley’s] intensity.” Beverley’s response? A chuckle, followed by “that’s funny.” Smart later responded by claiming to be on “another level” than Beverley and stating “[y]ou put me up against Pat, I think you know who’ll win that battle.” Ballsy statement given that Smart had just finished going up against Pat, and we all saw who won that battle. #Facts #FunAssGame

Houston, we have a Problem, and His Name is Lou Williams

It’s not exactly breaking news that “Sweet Lou” is very good at basketball. In fact, he’s brilliant. However, his performance in the second half against the Houston Rockets on Friday was next level. Williams was was scoreless in the first half of the match-up but caught fire in the second half, scoring 26 points including two clutch threes down the stretch.

See his complete highlights HERE.

An emotional Lou caught up with Jaime Maggio after the game, and was embraced by a grateful Montrezl Harrell who dubbed him “Big Shot Williams.”

Other Odds and Ends

City Edition Jerseys!

On Friday the Clippers unveiled their City Edition Jerseys. The Clippers social media team posted a video about the design / designer. Worth a watch.

Skip Bayless got his customized jersey, and it looks like Shannon Sharpe is a little jelly. #SorryNotSorry. Personally, I love that Skip has joined Clipper Nation. Most media are still lingering in Laker-ville.

Lou Williams Featured on the ALL THE SMOKE Podcast

If you are not listening to the ALL THE SMOKE podcast, you are truly missing out. The podcast is hosted by two of the most outspoken and controversial players of their time, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. The pair dish on the latest news and drama from on and off the court. This week, Barnes and Jackson hosted the Underground Goat Williams, who shared stories about almost being robbed on Christmas and earning 15k as a fresh-out-of high school rookie for drinking a six-pack of beer on a dare during a team bus ride to board a plane. Good times.

Pat Bev Fined for Flopping

Patrick Beverley is the first to sacrifice his body during games; he is quite the expert at drawing offensive fouls. Admittedly, however, he can sometimes get a bit overly dramatic. On Wednesday Beverley received a warning for exaggerating the impact of getting raked across the face by the Celtic’s Jayson Tatum.

Doris Burke was obviously amused.

Later in the week the Clippers’ dogged defender was fined $5,000 for violating the league’s anti-flop rules after this play involving James Harden.

The fine led to many calling out the league for inconsistency and favoritism towards players like Harden, Chris Paul and Nikola Jokić, all of whom flop regularly and use questionable (and dangerous) tactics to draw fouls on defenders. The criticisms are certainly fair.

The report of the fine also prompted this response from Pat Bev himself.

Could he be more “on brand”?

That’s it for this week. See you online!