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TLTJTP: Clippers Reel Off Impressive Wins in Perfect Homestand

Rob and Shap were finally able to relax during a blowout victory against the Pelicans, but were otherwise on the edge of their seats watching a thrilling trio of close victories the rest of the week against the Thunder, Celtics, and Rockets.

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

What a week that was. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard finally played together, and thrilled in a tightly contested win over the the talented Boston Celtics. They followed that with another thriller against the Rockets and closed the week with a blowout against the Pelicans. To start the week, some old Clipper favorites returned, as the OKC Thunder brought home Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Danilo Gallinari, and Chris Paul in another tight win. The team now heads out for some road games after the nearly healthy Clippers got some much-needed reps under their belts. What do the guys think about the team gelling together, and how are they feeling about the Clips superstar duo? All their takes and your Twitter questions on the latest episode of the Lob, the Jam, the Podcast!

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