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TLTJTP: Clippers Take Impressive Road Wins in Toronto and Indiana

Rob and Shap enjoyed two of the Clippers best wins of the season in Indiana and Toronto, with the Clippers mostly impressing this road trip despite a dud against a more seasoned Bucks team.

Los Angeles Clippers v Toronto Raptors Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Thanks for the ring and the W, Raps. Kawhi Leonard showed up in Toronto, shook some hands, and then efficiently helped the Clippers beat the Raptors on the road. Paul George was not greeted with open arms in Indiana, but he put on a virtuoso performance to lead the Clippers in a tough win for a weary Clipper team. After a thud against the prepared Bucks, the Clips have looked really good on this road trip. The guys talk about those games and take your Twitter questions as always on the latest episode of the Lob, the Jam, the Podcast!

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