Shame on You SB Nation!

Shame on you SB Nation! Shame on you for not wanting to meet the minimum requirements to pay your existing writers in California, who do such an amazing job covering the teams we love! Shame on you for your lack of communication, empathy, and decent human kindness. You have so many talented contributors who make little to nothing to help grow your brand by writing in-depth articles and being active on social media, and you just toss them out like they are trash! I know first hand all the hard work, pressure, time and money goes in to writing for one of your blogs. I was once one of your "volunteer" contributors, but I didn't mind, because I loved what I did (plus it gave me a little experience into sports media). I didn't last too long, because like many of your contributors, I had a life outside of SB Nation. I had a full time job, and had 2 full time boys who I wanted to spend more time with. But I always came back to your sites, because I knew that I would get the best coverage of my teams from a fans perspective, not someone just writing or saying what needs to be said to get the news out.

For the last 12 or so years, I have accessed your pages on a daily basis. Now, thanks to your heartless decision, I will have to find new places to find my Clippers, Angels, 49ers, and Tottenham Hotspur news. Yes, I know the team at Cartilage Free Captain have not been impacted by your evil doing, but I won't be able to read their "Player Ratings to the Theme of .........." without feeling gross. It's sad to think that I might not be able to follow the teams I love in the way I have for so long because you care more about your bottom line than how your choices have impacted many talented people.

To all the writers and contributors at Clips Nation, thank you for all you have done to help grow the LA Clippers fanbase over the years. You have always put being a fan first and foremost in your coverage of the Clippers, and have provided so many fans with a lot of Clippers based reading. You were there before the Clippers became title contenders. I will continue to follow you on social media, and hopefully will be able to read more from all of you when you find your next platform!

Long live Clips Nation, just not the SB Nation version!

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